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Our Services 


Custom Massage:  Each body is different and therefore has different needs.  This massage combines the long, gliding strokes of traditional Swedish Massage with different modalities to allow you to enjoy not only an incredibly relaxing massage, but one that will work on those “trouble” spots you may have.  Lavender-scented rice bags are heated and applied to your eyes and back area to deepen the level of relaxation.


Relaxation Massage:  For the person who “just needs to relax.”  We use the traditional strokes of the Swedish Massage to relax tight muscles, improve circulation, and relieve stress.  Lavender-scented rice bags are heated and applied to your eyes and back area to deepen the level of relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage: Combines a deeper pressure massage with Trigger Point Therapy giving your tired muscles a new lease on life.


CranioSacral Therapy:  Performed with the client fully clothed, this therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction. Give your mind, body and spirit the gift of this intensely relaxing experience.


TMD Therapy:  For those suffering from TMJ Disorder, this 30 minute treatment targets the muscles and soft tissue of your jaw releasing tight muscles associated with this disorder.


Repetitive Use Therapy: This unique injury therapy combines compression, extension, movement and breath to offer relief from pain, in many cases, in one treatment.  With this technique, scar tissue is broken up, the muscle is lengthened, muscle memory is restored, and relief from pain often starts immediately.


Pregnancy Massage:  Massage is perfect for the expecting Mom.  We make you warm and comfortable on our tables supporting your ever-changing body with pillows galore. Then the pampering begins with soothing strokes working on those areas which are so stressed.  We know which areas should be avoided to give you and your bundle of joy a quiet, relaxing and safe experience.  This is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. (90 minutes is not available for pregnancy massage)

Pricing for the above services is as follows:

30 minutes ... $40.00

60 minutes ... $65.00

90 minutes ... $95.00 



Specialty Massages


Tandem Massage:  Are you an experienced massage recipient?  Then here is the ultimate massage for you – receive an hour massage with not one, but two massage therapists.  The bliss cannot be described with mere words; this has to be experienced.  $150/hr


Couples Massage:  Looking for something to do with your friend or partner?  This is the answer.  Enjoy some peaceful time together while you get away from it all.  We have two massage tables together in the same room so you can reach over and give each other a pat on the back for coming up with such an awesome way to spend some “alone time” together.  $150/hr


 Wraps & Scrub


Seaweed Body Wrap:  Sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient-rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify; an active moisturizer base including Willow Bark Extract, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil, Lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift the spirits – need we say more?  This special combination of ingredients wraps you in a pleasant scent while it detoxifies your skin (the largest organ in your body).  You are then wrapped in layers of warmth while this wrap works its magic.  It is then easily removed with warm, moist towels followed with lotion.  Your skin will be the softest it’s been since you were born.   $85/hr


Anti-Cellulite Seaweed Body Wrap:  Same as above with the addition of a powerful blend of 8 pure essential oils chosen specifically to aid in the reduction of cellulite. Black Pepper is included to increase circulation, while the combination of Grapefruit, Juniper Berry and Cypress attack cellulite to help tone the body. You will enjoy its spicy, citrus aroma as you relax in a cocoon of warmth.  Results vary; multiple uses improve results.  $90/hr


Biotone® Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap®:  This moisture-binding emollient provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin.  This rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact.  After it is applied, we wrap you in a cocoon of warmth improving the absorption into your skin.  You will emerge with intensely hydrated skin.  This wrap sooths even the most sensitive skin. $95/hr


Brown Sugar Body Scrub:  Dry skin is gently exfoliated with our luxurious brown sugar body scrub.  Hot, steamy towels follow to cleanse the area.  Lotion is applied afterwards to rehydrate and nourish your freshly pampered skin.  $85/hr 


Two-Hour Packages


Don’t limit yourself to choosing just one of the above treatments!  These two-hour combined treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the world.  All of our Two-Hour Packages include a Seaweed Face Mask and a "Face Lift" Massage.  After cleansing your face, we apply the Seaweed Mask, which is rich in minerals and rare elements. It removes contaminants and toxins, regulates oil secretion and balances skin moisture leaving your face feeling clean and fresh.  We follow this with the “Face Lift” Massage using specific massage strokes to help firm and tone your skin, resulting in a healthier, younger-looking appearance.


Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Seaweed Face Mask, “Face Lift” Massage and Relaxation Massage $150


Wrap of your choice, Seaweed Face Mask, “Face Lift” Massage and Relaxation Massage $150


Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Seaweed Face Mask, “Face Lift” Massage and Wrap of your choice $175 



(Please give at least 24 hours notice when including an add-on with your massage service)

Enhance your massage experience by adding-on either a paraffin wax treatment or a facial mask.

Paraffin Wax Treatment:  We use only Professional Grade Paraffin Wax, heated to a relaxing 125°F.  The wax (brought to you via special plastic liners) is applied while you lie relaxing on a heated massage table. This therapy is great for those with arthritis or tired hands and/or feet.  The essential oils and heat combine to give you soft, youthful, deeply moisturized, and healthy looking skin!                              

Hands $5

Feet $5

Hands & Feet $10


Facial Masks:  All of our face masks are followed with a “Face Lift” Massage using specific massage strokes to help firm and tone your skin, resulting in a healthier, younger-looking appearance. Add on any of the following masks for only $15.

Seaweed Mask: This mask, rich in minerals and rare elements, removes contaminants and toxins, regulates oil secretion, and balances skin moisture, leaving your face feeling clean and fresh.  

Cold Cryogenic Peel Off Face Mask:  This cooling mask  promotes cell renewal by supplying amino acids from Spirulina which helps tone, tighten and  reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Alginates gently moisturize the skin. Antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals and support the tissue structure. Excellent for damaged, hyper-pigmented or            dehydrated skin.

Sensitive Skin Peel Off Face Mask:  This calming mask features bilberry extract to assist with circulation and chamomile azulene to reduce inflammation caused from conditions such as rosacea.

Anti-Aging Collagen Peel Off Face Mask:  This amazing mask brings new life to the epidermal layer infusing the skin with moisture and improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin to help reduce the formation and appearance of wrinkles. 

Purifying Dead Sea Peel Off Mud Mask:  This mask's advanced purifying techniques help your skin re-mineralize with a wealth of mineral salts and trace-elements and regenerate by aiding in the renewal of skin cells.  It also tones the epidermis, clarifies oily and combination skin, and minimizes small wrinkles.


Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

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